The Italian Otam is a newcomer in the Luxury Yacht market, however this yacht seams like its not just tasting this time, they actually found the right style.

cim_275.jpgThe ship was built in Geneve and it was totally custom designed for the new owners. However the only 35 meter length it shows greatness in all means.

The design was done by Tommaso Spadolini whose work is extraordinary, providing spacious living areas with a combination of elegance and comfort.

The inside stair case is only occupies a small area leading to a great are for the living room and bedrooms while on the main deck you will find the salon and the dinning room.

The most interesting are is the owners suit, it occupies a whole level in the boat and its totally separated from the other areas which grants the owners a nice place for relaxation.

The Yacht has 4 cabins with different bed setups according to the buyers needs. The staff will not be treated badly here, they have 4 rooms with quite elegant entire.