Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Honda Supersport. How can they celebrate it more stylishly than with the new futuristic reborn of the Bandit9 from Saigon.


The Saigon based company starts with a complete rebuilt of the 125 cm3 1967 Honda Supersport.

The magnificent result will be an extravagant upper-body with the tank and seat combination. Personally I love the bullet shape design.



However these days most of the custom built motorbikes are on the line of old-style and old school, the head of the company, the “Bandit Chief” Daryl Villanueva says they choose a different path and they more looking in the future than in the past.




The price tag is quite hefty with its 14 500 Swiss Franc, the more serous issues is the 9 pieces they are about to manufacture. So If you like it better by it right away.