Last weekend was the memorial celebration of the Legend Ettoro Bugatti. The event was held in Los Angeles with lots of Bugattis and their lovers around.


The event and exhibition is at the Peterson Automotive Museum, luckily it is not only about cars, Ettoro Bugattis work ranges from cars trough furnitures and even different artworks if we don’t consider the cars as art already.

At the Art of Bugatti exhibition you will also see the race cars from 1927 which was the unbeatable Bugatti 35C.

The Bugatti family as all other families are full of victories and tragedies as Peter Mullin, the chairman of the museum explains.


It is not a suprise that the founder, Bugatti Ettore is the most famous member of the family, thats why his fingerprints can be seen in the Veyron and the brand new Chiron. Both of these are on the exhibition.

The art job done by the family is so extraordinary that there is no family even getting close to this history. To show his pride even Peter Mullin exhibited Bugattis from his own collection.

The exhibition will be live for a year, it starts from Ettores father and displays beauty and luxury up until today.


The visitors can see the Type 41 Royale, Type 57 Atlante, Type 35 and Type 46 beside the already mentioned Veyron and Chiron.