„Being Rich is boring if no one sees it” – this is the motto of Rich Kids app, lets be honest this tells everything about the app…

The Rich Kids app simply calls itself an exclusive social network which by all means show the willingness of showing off without any feeling of shame.

In order to start showing the word that we are the chosen ones there is nothing else to do just pay the 1000 usd monthly subscription fee.

So why would you use it? According to the founders, the problem that there is too big noise on social media today which leads us unrecognised many times, to be hones imagine yourself you want to show the word that you just poured a Don Perignon in the Ocean and no one sees that? Yes this is something you dont want to end up with.

Rich Kids is only for the super cool ladies and man who can afford spending a 1000 bucks a month.

My favourite is the idea of bringing the charity line in the story, according to Juraj Ivan  from the fees 1/3 goes to education of poor kids. Lets see that.

Anyway most of them are spending daddies money…