You can have millions and millions on your bank account or under your pillow you still can not buy some of the cars you desire. Why? It is very simple, they are not for sale. You just simply can not buy a Lightweight Jaguar E-Type or a Shelby 298 Cobra. These are the cars of the “dead men”

Shelby 298 Cobra

From the Lightweight Jaguar E-Type for example only 12 was manufactured between 1964 and 64. The price tag would be around 10 million pound, but in reality money can not buy something that is not for sale.

The only way you will be able to buy a car like this is however morbid it is that you need someone to die for. The only way you will purchase these rare jewelries is from some less enthusiastic or more money savvy inheritors auction.

We can all understand now why there is such a big enthusiasm and also indignation around the recently announced news from Jaguar that it will start to manufacture the Lightweight again.

Tony O’Keeffe,the spokesman for  Jaguar Heritage said that even the biggest sceptics in the company bows in front of the results they achieved. People says it is even more original than it was back in days.


An addition to this, these cars can even participate in such classical races as the Le Mans Classic. The FIA only restricts that all cars should have the same specification as the original cars. Hopefully some new buyers will show us these beauties soon.

By the way, it is not only Jaguar rebuilding some oldies, the Shelby announced the “new” GT40 and 298 Cobra.

The story is still rolling forward, after the announcment of the Lightweight, Jaguar promised to continue with the 1956 Le Mans winner XKSS.


I only can support these efforts and hopefully we will see some nice Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Maserati to line up.