The status symbol of rich is for sure if you buy a Rolls-Royce (unless you use it as a garbage truck). You thought you know everything, maybe I can surprise you.

Being an icon of UK doesn’t stop the company to manufacture most of the masterpieces in Indianapolis whit around 4000 employees.

2. For quite a while it was not even manufacturing cars

Until 1946 Rolls-Royce was only manufacturing the body and the engine, it was the Barker & Co. who actually delivered the finish product with all the unique details.

3. The middle of the wheel is not spinning

It is designed in a way that anyone can instantly see it is a Rolls-Royce from the side also.

4. Unbreakable emblem

The Spirit of Ecstasy emblem is basically unbreakable, it is designed with a special technique that it goes down for any kind of impact. The name is coming from  Car Illustrated editor John Walter and his secretary Eleanor Velasco Thortons romance.

5. Only one man can paint it

There is only one man called Alan Court who can paint the line on the side. Here is a video of it.

6. Hongkong is number one

Most Rolls-Royce is being sold in Hong Kong, mainly for historical reasons as being an English colony for such a long time, it is the status symbol for many rich there even today.

7. The educate official drivers

Most of the Rolls-Royces are driven by drivers. The company is training the drivers officially and this is not only about the steering skills more about etiquette. They even learn how to and how not to wear the sunglasses, it can not be simply pushed up on the top of their had.

8. Even garbage was collected with it

It happened with an Indian Maharaja, he went in to a salone in London where the sales man more or less told him this is a type of car he can not really afford. Lets put this way, he was not happy so he bought ten! pieces, sent them to India and used as garbage trucks.


9. The grille

All the all grilles are marked with the monogram of the manufacturer. This more had practical reasons than pride, by this it was easy to identify the works-man in case of any problem.

10. Two third of Rolls-Royces are still running

This is my favourite, 65% yes sixty five percent of all Rolls-Royces are still running on the streets.

These cars are not just status symbols but it seams they are quite reliable.