You ever thought that Metaxa is only 100 years old. There was the Greek Sypross Metaxa who filled up the first bottle in 1888. The base is wine and they add special spices and ingredients like rose and different herbs.

Lets be accurate, they only use the local Greek grapes such as Savatiano, Sultania and Black Cornith, after they make a special wine of these comes the distillation process.

Than comes the hand made oak barrels and some muscat and a bit of natural caramel. They mix it with the above mentioned ingredients and they keep it fermenting for 6 months. Before pouring in the bottles they cool it down to -6 celsius for 48 hours.


In case of Metaxa the stars represents the years spent in the barrels. You can go for the 3 and 5 starts (38% alcohol) or the 7 and 12 stars (40%). The flavour starts from the fruity, the 5 star is a bit dryer, the 7 star is already quite strong and complex, you can actually feel the oak barrels and than we reach the 12 which has strong taste from the barrel, with a bit of chocolate touch.

On the top you can find the Grand Fine which is 8-15 years old, and the Private Reserve with its 20-30 age.

The 18-20 Celsius Metaxa should be poured on ice, straight.

And now comes the TOP, the AEN (45,3%) The unique series comes for the 120 birthday, 1888 Crystal Bottle of Metaxa that was aged in the number 1 barrel. In this they kept 200 different wines during the last 80 years with a continuos upgrade process. All of the bottles are sealed with a special hand made cork with 20 carat cold plating. All of them comes with a hand signed certificate from one of the Metaxa masters.