I am not entirely sure weather being the daughter of Mr Ecclestone is a good thing or not besides the money but anyway. Now she is selling her (is it really hers?) house.

200 million dollar, yes this is the price and it even has its name, The Manor. It was owned by a bunch of famous people like Aaron Spelling

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Petra Ecclestone both it in 2011 and now with a “slight” profit she is willing to put it on the market. 

The house layout, hm, interesting, why would you need 27 bathrooms for 14 living rooms. 5000 square meters is a bit bigger than cosy thats for sure.

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It is on Holmby Hills, originally was built with 100 rooms, now they changed a few “not so necessary” rooms like flour cutting room, heat controlled silver storage or the several present packing rooms.

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When Petra Ecclestone bought it, she also wanted to add her “own” taste by hiring Gavin Brodin to renew the house. They did this in only 3 months and according to the news there were time when 500 workers were on the site.

The hose has all the stuffs that you need or even ones that you don’t really. There is a night club style party place downstairs, bowling club, professional cinema, spa, massage salon and wine cellar.

The owner has his/her own 700m2 suit with a complete flat basically

There are five rooms for the staff.

Outside there is the pool, tennis court, several gardens, a garage for 16 cars, lake and so on.

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Pictures are from Hiltonhyland