The first officially billion RMB worth house in China. It is very likely to be the most expensive and one of the most luxurious home you can buy in the Asian country.

In USD it is 150 million so we can easily say its on the top of many lists even globally. It is located in a rather smaller city, Suzhou, in Jiangsu province.

It was built in 2013 and it is quite big with its 6731.37 square metres, including 2000 square metres of front and back courtyards and all bedrooms facing south.

It is around one hour drive from the words finance and economics centre Shanghai. I imagine what the price would be for the same size inside the Metropolis.


Suzhou by the way is also called as the Venice of China. To be honest the comparison is only stands if we think about boats on small channels. Beside this, here you are still in China where the quality of shops and vibe around you is nothing to compare to Venice. It is a UNESCO world heritage scene which makes the house more valuable. If you feel like buying it, here is the link for Sotheby’s listing.