I think there is nothing more that show you are rich if you buy an island or at least a big part of one. Now you have the option, the exHilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa is on sale. You will need 45 million Euro, and will earn a quite nice 7% interest per annum. And think of that, you can use the rooms for free all year around and show it to your friends how cool you are




The property really seams like a nice option. You get here in 45 minuets from the airport of Tahiti and Bora Bora is right next to you. The To’opua island is 16 acres, where next to the maginficant blue of the ocean you will have 122 luxury Villas.


The guests can choose the houses above the water with the never missing transparent floor. Obviously as the new owner you can choose the two storey high presidential suit. You can also enjoy the bars, spas and host a party in the ball room with 80 guests.


Before it was ran buy Hilton but since January this year Conrad is responsible for the management. By the change they upgraded the hotel with a pool for all the Villas. By checking the ratings on Booking (9.1) it seams like a good choice.