When you think about Disney I guess the first thing you have in mind is Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or any of the recent figures of the company. We all know that they also have nice theme Parks around the globe. But I am quite sure you never heard that one of the most exclusive restaurant and club is at the Disneyland in California. Club 33 is one of the most elegant and unique place on earth.


First you need to pay the 25 000 registration fee, than comes the yearly 10 000 $, some rumor say that now they increased to 12 000. Before your run over to reserve you place, there are 800 potential members waiting already plus even to get on the waiting list is a big thing.

There is another way to enter the club, you just need to have a gold ticket to Disneyland, to be honest it is evenly hard to get one.

So, if you want to enjoy a nice dinner at 33, you need to have a member inviting you or they can book a table for you even if they are not there, sounds easy now.

The generosity of Disney comes now, with the membership you are granted to enter the Disneyland for “free”.


Another plus is that in the whole Disneyland, this is the only place where they serve alcoholic beverages.

The idea of building the place was coming from Walt Disney himself, he has his own private apartment in the building. He planned to have a grand opening ceremony but unfortunately he died 5 months before the launch of the project. The place remained silent and very exclusive.

The number 33 has a bit of legend around, the easy answer that it refers to the street – Royal Street 33 but some says that the place was meant to be the VIP meeting place of the 33 sponsors of Disneyland.