Tim Gores, the owner of Detroit Pistons bought the house in Los Angeles and he only had to pay 100 million $ instead of the 150 million ask price. What a great deal.


Tom Gores was living in the are before, he had several smaller and larger places around, according to the Los Angeles Times, he is selling some of these.

Before the modern house was finished just this year on the land where Barbara Streisands Mon Rêve was standing before.

The modern house has an enormous size of 3800 m2 with 10 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms. You can also find a private cinema, wine cellar, tennis and basketball court and many more.

About the design, I am not sure what to say, do you like it?

The area is not bad, OK, it is one of the most exclusive with the following formal residents, Walt Disney, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley.

The formal house of Barbara Streisand was sold in 2000 to the music mogul Les Bider who demolished the house to sell the land to the technology guy, David Bohnet.

He finally sold the land for 13,25 million $ to the Dream Projects LA who constructed this masterpiece.