Diamond is the symbol of wealth, this is something you can not deny. Any man wearing? Yeah a few like  Lewis Hamilton, he even wears two of them in his ear.

Lewis Hamilton 2016 Malaysia 2.jpg

But to be honest, you need to be a rockstar, or sportsman to wear one.

So you have tons of cash at home and you are already filled up with all the fancy watches and there is no way to show how rich you are?

Now here is the company for you: Masaor


They came up with a concept of bracelets where you can choose your own cool bracelet with different diamond sizes. I talked to them and it seams like they have a nice traction among Millenials already. They say that the “diamond industry needs a change in the way they look at their stone since no one is buying stones under the age of 40 unless it is for a wedding, and even less for that also”.


The price for a bracelet starts from 150 $ and can go up for the regular stuffs to 10K $ however there were already buyers for 250K $.



Personally I really like their concept and hope to see some more cool stuff coming out.