I can not really think of any other way to show how rich you are than spending 9 million dollar for a licence plate! Yes for this kind of money you can buy a lot of useful and very luxurious stuff, you can travel around the globe for years staying in the best hotels and spending your time in 3 Michelin star restaurants. Now here is this guy he spent the 9 mill to have the number 5 on his car.

Balwinder Sahni is an Indian business man living in Dubai. He has different real estate related businesses and two Rolls-Royces beside the other fancy cars.


If you would think this is just a one time thing and he had this emotional shopping, no, he already bought the number 9 last year for 6,7 million.

Why are the prices so high? Because there are other super rich people around him who wants to buy these so they are sold in auctions.

By the way it is not only Dubai, in February this year someone bought the number 28 licence plate in Hong Kong for $2,3 million after he already had the 232 for 174 000.


And there are things you can not buy even if you are super rich, the number 1 in Hong Kong is the chief of polices cars, and the F1 plate was not sold for 6 million, Afzal Kahn simply said no to the buyer.