Ibiza is well known for the constant party places. Here is a nice Villa if you need rest or would hold a private event.


The Villa is set on three terraces, faces the sea and has sunset views. The renders that follow begin with a bird’s eye view of the property using real aerial photos of the plot so you can appreciate how the house sits in its setting. As this imaginary bird circles lower over the villa, the views become more detailed. The layout of the outdoor rooms and interconnecting walkways, stairways and pergolas becomes apparent.


Many of the important elements of the traditional: arches, courtyards, columns and cubes, are evident throughout. Living in Can Belleó is intended to be a sensory experience. The vista from every angle of the villa has been carefully planned so the view from every window, door, terrace or outdoor room is beautiful. Water features on terraces and in courtyards add to the relaxing vibe.


Luxurious additions, such as a spa, gym and outdoor cinema, are all designed to enhance the building and blend with the surroundings, while incorporating natural elements as much as possible. With over 30 0 sunny days a year, outdoor living is an essential part of life on Ibiza.


The villa has numerous outdoor rooms where you can dine, relax, watch movies or just chill. On the rare occasions rain stops play, there are covered seating areas. The indoor living space has been designed with full width windows to invite the outside in.


The interior of Can Belleó has spectacular stone vaulted ceilings, an Essentis signature feature. Created by expert Italian stonemasons, these are a unique addition to this villa.


Is it cheap? Hm, not really, 8 million Euro is something but as you can see on the pictures you really receive something!